Monday, March 22, 2004

Monday Schadenfreude

Okay, so when I was interviewing Sarah Polley on Friday, she told me a great story, but I couldn't fit it into my profile of her (which is in tomorrow's Post). Thus, I print it here.

Once, when Polley was staying at a hotel in L.A., she walked down for breakfast and who should be in the dining room but Tony Robbins, the famed motivational speaker. Robbins was sitting there with huge bags under his eyes, slowly drinking his coffee with shaky hands.

Soon someone walked by and said, "Hi Tony!" To which Tony Robbins weakly responded: "Hey."

Anyway, that's the whole story, but it made my Friday.

In conclusion, go out and see Luck, which opens this Friday. It's a fine Canadian comedy starring Polley, rising star Luke Kirby, and Jed Rees from the Chris Isaak Show.

The real stand-out here is Rees, I've got to say. I laughed whenever he walked on screen. Rees will hit in, oh, approximately six months. He's got a big part in The Ringer this summer (the next Farrelly brothers movie, written by Family Guy writer and Montrealer Richard Blitt; it has huge buzz) and The Onion movie in the fall. (Yes, they are ill-advisedly turning The Onion into a film.)

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