Wednesday, March 17, 2004

More on Shatner...

Pursuivant to my post below, I've dug up the interview I did with William Shatner in September and posted it here for your reading pleasure. An excerpt:

While Charlie Kaufman's Being John Malkovich made self-parody hip, Shatner has made it into a viable career option all its own. Whether playing a lovelorn celebrity who dreams of producing a six-hour musical adaptation of Julius Caesar in 1998's mockumentary Free Enterprise or an eccentric drama queen in his regular appearances on The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, William Shatner has made William Shatner his most recognizable character, perhaps even supplanting Kirk in the pop-culture pantheon.

"There's an ironic joke, I think, that I'm aware of how ephemeral all this is, [how] nonsensical and how brief it is," he says. "So there's not too much to be serious about."

Shatner doesn't see what he does as all that different from what other actors do. "The truth of the matter is that, with very rare exceptions, actors really are themselves," he says. "It's very rare on screen, less rare on the stage, where the actor absolutely submerges himself into other idiosyncrasies, verbal and physical."

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