Friday, March 19, 2004

New Feature: Ask Your Son

A mom in Montreal, QC writes:

Hi Kelly:

I just noticed [Jessica Paré] on the cover or TORO, a magazine which I have heard of only because you mentioned it somewhere………

Is she a sex symbol now - or does this magazine always have that kind of spreads?


Dear Mom,

Good query, but it's not really an 'or' question. Yes, little Jessica Paré, who once came to my sixth grade birthday party (I think; pull out the pictures to be sure), has all grown up and is now a full-fledged sex symbol. Or Canadian sex symbol, at least.

Since being plucked from obscurity by Oscar-winning director Denys Arcand for his film Stardom a few years ago, journalists writing about Paré have invariably focused on her looks more than her acting.

In the latest issue of Toro magazine, Eye magazine's Jason Anderson asks, "Jessica Paré... wants to be a great actor. But will we ever get past the pretty face?" Toro's editors seem to answer this question with the sexy photo spread: "Sorry. What was the question? I was too busy looking at Jessica Paré's pretty [face]."

Oh well.. You'll also be disappointed to know that, sometime after graduating from elementary school, Paré started smoking. Player's Extra Lights, according to Anderson.

Moving on: Yes, Toro does always have this kind of spread. When Toro launched last Spring, they were trying to be a smart man's Maxim, often putting photos of bearded men on their front covers (très metrosexual, a word you asked about in another recent letter). With each issue, however, they seem to take a step closer to be the everyman's Maxim, a.k.a. Maxim.

Thanks for writing!

Your son,


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