Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Old Macfarlane had a job...

After being fired from the Lame Columnist position at The Globe and Mail, David Macfarlane decided to turn his misfortune into a bit of a cottage industry. First, he penned a piece in Toronto Life outlining his love-hate relationship with the Globe. And now, it seems he's already written a play about it! Fishwrap, by David Macfarlane, will play in the Tarragon Theatre extra space starting March 29, 2005.

From the press release announcing Tarragon's 2004-2005 season:

Fishwrap by David Macfarlane: "One minute you're at the top of your game. The next you can't get 500 words on bathroom fixtures in the Real Estate section."

There is no lonelier soul than a freelance writer who discovers, belatedly, that he is no longer wanted by the magazines and the newspapers by which he has eked out his living. Angry, funny and cruelly accurate, the plays asks the question: how can a man make sense of a life that has never been anything more than yesterday's paper?
As you probably surmised from my Lame Columnist remark above, I've never really liked David Macfarlane. In fact, back when I was studying at McGill, I wrote him one of my patented angry letters in which I complained about his "penchant for not getting to the damn point until halfway through [his] column" and his "unneccessary references to whatever book [he is] currently reading or the opera [he] last attended, which make some Readers stop reading, roll their eyes, and say to their breakfast companion(s), 'Ooh, Mr. David MacFancyPants went to the opera again with his wife! La-dee-dah!'"

Anyway, putting my intense dislike for his defunct column aside for a moment, I gotta say this: Man, D.M. knows how to make some fine lemonade outta those lemons. I am eager to see Fishwrap, which I hope will star Bronson Pinchot as Marcus Gee, Meryl Streep as Margaret Wente, and Doug Saunders as himself.

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