Thursday, March 04, 2004

Theatre Thursday: But is it Fart?

Reading Aaron Wherry's fine music blog today, I learned that Globe and Mail theatre critic Kamal Al-Solaylee sometimes writes about non-theatrical topics, ie. Harry Connick Jr. Comments Wherry:
Having sufficiently questioned the Jazz pedigree of Norah Jones and Diana Krall, The Globe and Mail decides to question Harry Connick Jr's breeding in Wednesday's paper.
"Yes, but the question persists: Is it jazz?" ponders theatre (?) critic Kamal Al-Solaylee.
For good measure, Kamal elsewhere throws in this little slap: "The same maturity, Connick claims, marks his arrangements for Only You, which, to my ears, sounds overarranged and overproduced."
Well then.
Ugh, I hate that whole "But is it ----?" question. Silly structuralists. Don't they know we're living in the popomo era? Everything's jazz now, man...

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