Friday, April 16, 2004

Doug Pepper? I put him on my plate, says McClelland & Stewart

The big news in the book world on Wednesday was that Douglas Gibson is out as publisher and president of M&S -- "The Canadian Publisher" -- and Doug Pepper is in.

This is good news for Canadian non-fiction writers, as Pepper is best known for his work in Canada and the U.S. with journalists, academics and thinkers like Jane Jacobs, Linda Frum, Bruce McCall, Jimmy Breslin, P.J. Rourke and Ann Coulter...

Anyway, talking with Pepper on Wednesday, I got a good impression of him. I particularly like the turns of phrases he uses. A brief excerpt from my article:
Will he be searching for a Canuck Coulter who may be hiding somewhere in the Canadian woodwork? "In terms of sales, yeah," Pepper said. "But I don't think there is another Ann Coulter. She is tough meat."
Heh, heh... "Tough meat."

Other publishing news

New publishers were installed at three different CanWest papers today. But I'm not sure if that's been announced publicly or not, so I'll wait to blog about it until tomorrow... Nothing terribly earth-shattering, but the choice of replacement for Larry Smith at The Montreal Gazette is a bit of a surprise.

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