Thursday, April 01, 2004

Exciting Blog News!

Following her bizarre guest appearance on Train 48 last week, former Minister of Screeching Sheila Copps has sunk to an even lower low by starting her own weblog, Nobody's Baby, taking the title from her autobiography.

To inaugurate her blog, Copps repeats her complaints about the Hamilton riding nomination election she lost to Tony Valeri:
The Liberal Party gets millions of dollars from the taxpayers, and I'm certainly going to be contacting the Auditor General to find out what her view is on the lack of transparency in the Liberal Party. I find it absurd that a process where several hundred people were denied the right to vote doesn't interest the Liberal Party. [Almost verbatim what she told the Sun's Ottawa Bureau Chief yesterday.]
Copps then strays to the more personal topic of, good god, her emergency kidney stone operation from last Thursday:
Thanks to all those who took time to write letters and e-mails or call with your best wishes. Don't worry, I am recovering nicely under Austin's close and tender watch. It takes a lot more than a kidney stone to stop Sheila Copps. In fact, now I feel much better prepared to battle some of the 'bladder irritants' who have been trying to push me out of politics.
Holy moley! Well, you can bet this is going to get even juicier: you just know that Copps is getting the iron nice and hot before she strikes and brands her mark of revenge on every Martinite in sight.

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