Thursday, April 08, 2004

Kelly Nestruck's Tri-City Birthday Tour

This blog post is being written from sunny Ottawa, the city that always sleeps. Our nation's capital is the second stop on my Tri-City Birthday Tour and its narcoleptic atmosphere is just perfect for my grandparents, whom I am visiting.

Now, the grand-'rents don't have a CD player, let alone a computer, so I won't be updating my blog over the next day or so. In fact, the Tri-City Birthday Tour seems like a fine excuse to take a brief break from blogging and try to stave off carpal tunnel syndrome. Don't expect exciting and new until Monday.

If you are in Montreal and are a bona fide friend of mine though (and the statistics demonstrate that you could very well be), please consider joining me for a beer at Copacabana on St. Laurent on Friday night. I should be arriving about 10 pm.

If you are some sort of Internet stalker, please consider joining me at Brutopia on Crescent on Friday night, where I won't be at all.

If you are some sort of hot Internet stalker, however, do head on over to the Copa, where music and passion and too much smoke are always in fashion.

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