Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Kerry, The Sad Tree

Now, I'm not exactly a big fan of Peggy Noonan, Reagan's old speechwriter, but the woman's got a way with words. She was the Great Communicator, not Ronnie.

Anyway, I thought that this bit from one of her recent polemics was quite poetic:
It's OK that [John Kerry] looks like a sad tree, but you can't look like a sad, hollow tree. And it looks a little hollow in there.
It's true! John Kerry does look like a sad tree! What a perfect description.

As for Kerry looking hollow, I can't really disagree with that, either. But as current mememaster Alan Blevins puts it at "John Kerry is a douchebag but I'm voting for him anyway."

In my case, just replace "voting" with "rooting."

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