Sunday, April 11, 2004

Kim Campbell: Ahead of her time, clearly...

Thanks to KW for forwarding me this absurd CBC News article: "Campbell among 'most important' leaders":
Although she was prime minister of Canada for less than five months, Kim Campbell has been ranked as one of history's 50 "most important political leaders" by the National Geographic Society.

Campbell, who led the country for 132 days back in 1993, was included for being Canada's first female prime minister, according to the Washington D.C.-based society.

She and her Progressive Conservatives went from having a majority government to holding only two seats after the November 1993 election. The former cabinet minister lost her own Vancouver seat.

Campbell's name appears on the list of influential leaders alongside such historical giants as Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, Napoleon Bonaparte, Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill.
Too funny. Kudos to CBC for playing the story straight. I'm not sure if CP or CBC 'broke' this story first, but here's CP's elaboration:
The American editor of the almanac said Campbell belongs in the pantheon of historical greats for the simple reason she was Canada's first female prime minister.

"Given that there have not been that many females who have led nations, we chose to include her," Jane Sunderland said from the society's headquarters in Washington.

She said she "stands by the choice" of the book's authors.

James Marsh, editor-in-chief of the Canadian Encyclopedia, differs.

"I don't think Kim Campbell should even make a list of great Canadian leaders," March said.
Too much fun for a Sunday evening...

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