Sunday, April 04, 2004

Saturday Night: In which I get blung.

Saturday Night started a feature a couple issues back called “Vocabulazy.” Written by Bob Sexton, the column rails against linguistic larcenies: “Literacy is down and the number of lazy e-mails is up. The result? The dumbification of English across the nation.”

I am honoured to have my work included in this month’s batch of “recent examples of the misused, overused and just plain wrong" alongside offending sentences by Joanne Kates and Leah McLaren (The Globe and Mail's restaurant critic and eternally-twentysomething columnist, respectively). Here, Mr. Sexton's summary of my crime:
A popular theory contends that if you (i.e., the majority of us) have heard about a slang term or underground trend, it's no longer cool or “street.” There’s no better example of this than “bling bling.” First used in 1999 in a hip-hop song by B.G. (Baby Gangsta) to onomatopoetically denote an ostentatious display of wealth (ring, chains, gold teeth, what have you), the term is now being used in decidedly “establishment” circles. In a National Post review of the documentary film The Corporation (January 17, 2004), J. Kelly Nestruck took the term a step further, perhaps, than he should have: “Because corporations are all about bling-bling, the environment, the law and the public good often end up blung.” [From Sat. Night, April 2004 issue, page 18.]
Like I said, I'm honoured to be included in "Vocabulazy." But I'm little freaked out by this "'establishment' circles" stuff... Yoicks! That totally kills my street cred, man.

Elsewhere in Saturday Night's April issue: Another full-page picture of editor-in-chief Matthew Church's back. This time, in a blue duotone!

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