Friday, April 16, 2004

Stress: Could it be lurking in your workplace?

Stress: It makes MPs steal jewelry.

Stress: It makes Toronto Star reporters plagiarize the Village Voice.

Stress: Get it, before it gets you.


In all seriousness re: Svend Robinson: I really wish the guy the best. While I certainly do not agree with all the stands he's taken over the years, I consider him a courageous guy, particularly for having come out of the closet when he did. That opened a lot of doors here in Canada.

Also, Mr. Robinson had to be one of the most accessible MPs in parliament. I've met him in person more than any other politician (except for maybe John Nunziata) and he's always been super friendly. And once, when I was just a young student journalist, I was listening to him give a speech when he up and quoted an article I had written for the McGill Daily. At the time, I thought it was really cool that a politician would actually read (or get his staff to read) student newspapers. I was like, "Whoa! Svend Fuckin' Robinson is quoting me," because in the circles I frequented then, he was a political rock star.

And remember the time he was shot in the leg at the Summit of the Americas and The National Post started a campaign to buy him new pants? Man, that was awesome. Or that time he got into the shoving match with the Israeli border guard? Cuh-raaa-zeee, yo. It's a loss in so many ways is all I'm sayin'. You're never going to see, I don't know, someone like Reg Alcock chaining himself to trees or whathaveyou...

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