Monday, April 12, 2004

Theatre Monday: Harwood, Schmarwood

A Winnipegger (who also happens to be my father) pointed this story out to me this weekend:
Oscar-winning English playwright Ronald Harwood has cancelled an upcoming trip to direct a play in Winnipeg because of Canada's "draconian" anti-smoking laws.

The renowned author, playwright and screenwriter had agreed to restage his 1980s play The Dresser, a drama about an aging actor struggling through King Lear with his devoted valet, at the Manitoba Theatre Centre next season. But Winnipeg's public smoking ban – in place since last summer – has changed his mind.

"The reason for going back on my word is that I am a cigarette smoker," Harwood told the Winnipeg Free Press. "I have recently visited Canada and had to suffer the most draconian anti-smoking regulations in restaurants and public buildings.

"I had no intention of allowing myself to be forced out into the street in winter to partake of one of my great pleasures."
Well, that's a one-point deduction for Winnipeg.

On the hand, The Pixies are reuniting and their first gig is in Winnipeg in two days. That's 59 points for Winnipeg!

Sorry Harwood... You lose.

Winnipeg rules! Harwood drools! Out of the side of his cancery mouth!

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