Friday, April 16, 2004

Theatre Trivia!

What is the title of the play, by playwright Doug Wright, that won the Pulitzer Prize for drama last week?

a) I Am My Own Wife;
b) I Am My Own Grandpa;
c) I Am My Own Goat, or I Am Sylvia?;
d) I Am My Own Camera; or
e) I Am My Own Private Idaho.

A hint: Terry Teachout loved it. (Wait... That's not a hint at all. It's just a bad segue to linking to TT's blog entry about the play.)

Post-script Trivia

Speaking of the Pulitzers, I've ordered a copy of Anne Applebaum's Gulag: A History, which won the general nonfiction prize. Why?

a) Because of my newfound interest in articles/books dealing with gulags;
b) Because of my newfound interest in coming to terms with the North American Left's longtime romance with that whole Soviet Communism thing;
c) Because of my newfound interest in my Ukrainian heritage;
d) Because it has now been recommend to me by no less than three different people; or
e) All of the above.

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