Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Theatre Tuesday: Mirvish, TaurPro and CanStage, oh my!

And on the completely opposite end of the theatre spectrum from the Fringe and the Fringe-Fringe, here's my article about CanStage stepping into the megamusical hole that Livent left. In order to produce Urinetown, the not-for-profit CanStage has teamed up with an interesting partner, a money man named Aubrey Dan:
So what does Dan get out of this deal, which requires him to take all the risk and share his profits? Does he dream of showgirls and Champagne, like Bialystock and Bloom from The Producers? Does he want to see his name up in lights?

Dan, a decidedly contemporary theatre producer, seems aghast at the idea. "I'm not sure that's my goal," he says sheepishly. "I'd rather see the DanCap name up than my own personal name. In fact, it's an opportunity to build the brand. Brand recognition."
[Cue the epileptic fits and foaming at the mouth over at the Infringement Festival...]

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