Monday, May 31, 2004

As the Blog World Turns...

Exciting news in the Arts Blogosphere this month, as The New Yorker's Alex Ross has set up a blog called The Rest is Noise, which I'll have to assume is a classy inversion of Hamlet's last words.

Regular readers of On the Fence will recall that Ross, who writes mainly about classical and new music for the NYer, was the Inspiring Arts Writer of the Week in March. While I don't actually listen to much of either of these styles, I still read everything he writes. And sometimes it even makes me want to listen to classical and new music. And sometimes I do. That's the highest praise I can give him.

Ross isn't the only one writing about music at the New Yorker with a blog either. Mr. Sasha Frere-Jones, whom my colleague Aaron "Beloved-by-Drudge" Wherry swears by, is a fine blogster as well.

Now, if we could only convince Anthony Lane and Seymour Hersh to start up blogs, we'd be set...

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