Thursday, May 27, 2004

Campaign Diary, Day 5: Olivia Chow on Squash

Well, it's official. Olivia Chow, my (now former) city councillor and NDP Leader Jack Layton's wife, is running for the Feds in Trinity-Spadina, which also happens to be my riding. She was acclaimed as the NDP candidate yesterday evening.
[Chow's] arrival was greeted with foot-stomping that thundered through the packed and stifling Holy Trinity church - a suitable venue for NDP business given the congregation is known for its political activism and has long ties to the party.

Her acceptance speech, delivered while the 53-year-old Layton stood behind her in the dutiful spouse role, standing ever-ready with a supportive smile and timely applause, prompted several standing ovations...

If Chow and Layton are elected, they would become the first husband-and-wife team to sit together in Parliament, according to NDP officials.
Chow will be given a run for her money, mind you, from incumbent Liberal MP Tony Ianno, who seems to be fairly popular. Even my neighbours across the street, the ones with the dog named Trotsky, have an Ianno sign up.

Now, I haven't met Ianno, but Chow always seems to be around in the neighbourhood. I've seen her a few times now and talked to her two weekends ago, while she was pre-campaigning at the local Boys and Girls Club. We discussed, among other things, where good places to play squash in the neighbourhood.

She seemed to have a very good knowledge of the local courts, encouraging me to join the University of Toronto gym, where her husband plays.

So, before I decide who to vote for, I'm waiting to test the other candidates on their squash knowledge. I'll keep you, fair blog readers, up to date.


Are there any other bloggers in Trinity-Spadina? I can name one: my colleague and neighbour Mark Evans, whose blog is about "tech and telecom." I don't understand it at all, but it looks smart.

Know any others? Drop me a line.

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