Sunday, May 30, 2004

Campaign Diary, Day 8 : The First Paradox of the Campaign.

From today's Ottawa Citizen:
Prime Minister Paul Martin said he would resign in two years if he breaks three promises he has made during this election campaign: improving Canada's health care system; enhancing living conditions in cities; and maintaining social programs without going into deficit.
Sounds curiously like he's taking a page out of his old rival Sheila Copps' book, no?

Coyne makes a good point: "He's promised to resign if he doesn't keep his promises? So what happens if he doesn't keep that promise?"

Ah! The first paradox of the campaign. Keep 'em comin' boys and girls!


Actually, Coyne doesn't make that point. His computer alterego does:
A little-known feature of Movable Type, the sophisticated blog engine now powering this site, is something called LogicCheck. You just plug in the argument, and it highlights the logical flaws in it.
I just had a tres amusing daydream in which Andrew Coyne's LogicCheck and Jeffrey Simpson's Uncle Fred from Gabriola Island meet in a cafe to discuss the current election. It ends when Uncle Fred accidentally spills chowder on LogicCheck's lap, electrocuting them both.

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