Monday, May 17, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11 Reviews

Ian Youngs of BBC Online may have written the very first review of Michael Moore's new documentary. Youngs says to take it with a pinch of salt:
[I]f viewers take the film at face value, they will think George Bush is a fraudulent and possibly corrupt president who went to war in Iraq because of a half-baked motivation of grudge, greed and thirst for power.

But this is a Michael Moore film and, while that does not mean he is wrong, it must be watched with a critical eye...

The film's conclusions are reached through a mixture of firm evidence, interesting information, moving scenes and tenuous theories.
And Mary Corliss of Time Magazine may have already written the worst pun to appear in a review of Michael Moore's new documentary Fahrenheit 9/11:
A few years ago, Michael Moore spoke with then-Governor George W. Bush, who told the muckraker: “Behave yourself, will ya? Go find real work...”
In one sense, Michael Moore took George W. Bush’s advice. He found “real work” deconstructing the President’s Iraq mistakes. “Fahrenheit 9/11” is Moore’s own War on Error.
I hereby give that pun [emphasis mine] a twenty-minute standing ovation.

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