Friday, May 21, 2004

Film Friday: Canadian Lament

So I just took a shower and spent the whole thing thinking about the sorry state of Canadian film distribution. Really.

It's ridiculous. I was looking at the movie ads in the Post. (Yeah, in the shower; I've got a system.) There are reasonable-sized ads for movies like The Delicate Art of Parking (which I didn't really like, but others seem to love) and 19 Months (which two people whose opinions I trust have recommended to me now). But these Canadian films are only showing in one theatre each in the entire Greater Toronto Area. We're talking Toronto here, the biggest market in the country, so I'm not really expecting them to have any better distro in the rest of 'Nada.

Basically, in order to see a Canadian movie in this country, you have to work to find one. No wonder domestic films only made up 3% of the box office this year. That was the highest in a decade by the way and I believe the figure drops to 1% if you take out Quebec.

Anyway, I hereby lament. But we can do more than moan. Why not implement Australia's model where movie theatres have to devote 20% of their screens to local films? We have similar CanCon rules for TV and Radio. So why not movies?

So, go see a Canadian movie this long weekend, okay? If you can find one. Otherwise go get smashed in a camping ground.


Here's a suggestion for that long weekend movie: Robert Lepage's The Far Side of Moon (La Face cachee de la lune). I loved it, really loved it. I liked it better than a certain other recent Quebec film that won an Oscar. But I'm sucker for any non-sci-fi film where people float in zero gravity. Watching people float makes me cry for some reason.

Here's my review from The Post.

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