Friday, May 28, 2004

Guest Blog Entry: Only three more smoking days left...

I got this e-mail today from my friend Greg. I have his permission to share it with you (though I've edited out a few names and places):
Smokers, moochers, non-smoking sympathizers,

Next weekend the city of Toronto will shed another basic civil liberty and ban smoking in places where people go to smoke. I blame the Liberals. And ------. But I say we all make the most of the precious time we got left. I say smoke while the smoking is good. Smoke free, young man... smoke free.


I propose a weekend that will maximize the amount of time spent smoking indoors. I say on Friday we convene immediately after work is finished... and proceed to saturate our lungs with holy, righteous nicotine. After a couple of lungfuls of glorious hydrogen cyanide, I propose we weeze our way on down to the Opera House to watch My Morning Jacket. This concert promises to be one's last chance to fire off a lungrocket during a truly bitchin' guitar solo... After the classic post-concert cigarette, I say we head back into town and indulge in some more lungcandy.
Saturday promises to be the penultimate day of indoor bronchial tastiness. However, I say we build up our anticipation by visiting the smoke-free environment of the Skydome for a little Rangers-Jays action. Following the game there's gonna be a bar-b-q at my place... Bring some grub, or cigarettes. After a coupla burgers or steaks I say we go to town on our respiratory systems in the cozy confines of (perhaps) the Stone's Place. We can hack a butt while getting all misty-eyed in remembrance for all the indoor cigarettes of our youth, and shudder with fear at the draconian prospect of smoking outdoors FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES!
This is the end of an era, people. Are we just gonna cave in to these healthy fruitcakes? Are we just gonna butt out and let our lungs regenerate themselves? Hell no, we're gonna go down in a blaze of Belmont glory. Damn straight.

Only three more smoking days left... Enjoy.

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