Tuesday, May 18, 2004

He Said, He Said

So in response to the Liberals' Team Martin's Stephen Harper Said site, the Conservatives have launched a website called Team Martin Said with quotes from Liberals on a variety of subjects like Same Sex Marriage and Health Care.

Apparently the Conservatives came up with their website really fast last night [so saith Kinsella anyway] after hearing about the Stephen Harper Said website. It's actually quite good. Much more comprehensive than the Liberals' site

What I find interesting is that if you feel that Canada was wise to stay out of the Iraq War and you are opposed to private involvement in public health care -- as the majority of Canadians are -- then if you put the two websites together, you would be left with a negative impression of both the Conservatives and the Liberals. It's like the two websites combined are a free advertisement for the NDP.

So what I'm waiting for is the Jack Layton Said website. I'm sure it's coming. (Or has it already come?) The Liberals in particular can't afford to ignore the NDP. But they're fighting a three-front war, so their resources are all tied up. Just like Hitler...

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