Thursday, May 20, 2004

The Montreal Mystique

Alway in tune with Montreal's hidden history, The Mirror's Kristian Gravenor interviews author Francine Bernier, who suspects Montreal was founded as part of a mysterious church order's mission to "create a new Avalon." Bernier has also discovered something odd in the Notre Dame Basilica [via Montreal City]:
A sounding board on the ceiling at Notre Dame Basilica is at the root of a major local mystery. Sounding boards are common in churches as they amplify the voice from the pulpit. They're often painted gold with a triangle surrounded by a cloud and sunrays and the Hebrew name of God, "YHVH." Francine Bernier noticed that the one in Notre Dame, which probably dates to around 1672, is missing a letter. She rented a long-lensed camera and took a close-up. The Y is missing.

"I sent the photo to religious experts in Israel, England and Rome. I didn't say where it came from. They all came back saying it was a mistake. Then I showed it to the monks at St-BenoĆ®t-du-Lac, to theologians, historians and Hebrew experts. They looked and fell off their chair." It says HVH. "That's what the Torah calls the first woman (aka Eve), so it says, ‘God is a woman.'"

High-ranking clergy initially asked Bernier to keep it quiet but have since offered a puzzled confirmation of the lettering. "I don't want to harm the Sulpicians. They're wonderful people but they don't know what happened 300 years ago."
Who doesn't love this stuff?

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