Saturday, May 15, 2004

Simon Houpt discovers the Meta

Today's Globe and Mail Weekend Review section has an article by Simon Houpt called "FrankenArt: The mix and mash future" about "the new big thing: Take existing works, mess around with their content and form, and create your own art." Writes Houpt:
Separated by thousands of miles and decades of technological advances, [videogame hacker artist] Arcangel and [Grey Album DJ Brian "Danger Mouse"] Burton are together at the forefront of a new kind of culture. Rather than creating something out of raw paints and canvas or chisels on untouched stone, or coaxing sounds from a musical instrument with their own hands, their preferred medium is premade art, prerecorded music, and other media that already exist.
All I can say is this: Holy Fuck. You mean artists are taking samples of other artists' work and remixing them into something new? Stop the Presses!!! FrankenArt, indeed!

Seriously, The Globe and Mail and its readers can't really be that behind can it? Next week, will Michael Posner write about his discovery of this new movement called "Post-modernism"?

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