Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Theatre Tuesday: Theatre Idol

The Guardian's Dom Phillips asks why so many rappers turn into successful thespians, while pop stars suck at acting:
The evidence is overwhelming - it's just that nobody knows why. From Mick Jagger's wooden Ned Kelly to Mariah Carey's toe-curling Glitter, to Madonna in, well, just about everything, pop icons rarely convince on screen. But it's the opposite for hip-hop stars: Tupac Shakur in Gridlock'd, Eminem in Eight Mile, even Queen Latifah in Chicago - the list of rappers who have made the transition to acting just goes on. Some cross over completely: Will Smith and Ice Cube have become movie stars. Others split careers - like Mos Def, who starred on Broadway and at London's Royal Court in last year's Topdog/Underdog. P Diddy, too, is now on Broadway. What does pop throw up in response? S Club: The Movie.
In order to find out what's up with that, Phillips takes a rapper and a pop star to acting class and they throw it down, Stanislavski-style. Read it here.

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