Monday, May 17, 2004

This Week in Blogging News

After conservoblogger Andrew Coyne abandoned his ambitious blog at the end of April, leftoblogger Noam Chomsky started his up again.

Coincidence? I think not.

Oh wait, sorry. Did I write, "I think not?" I meant, "I think."


By the way, it's kind of fun to read the comments being left on Coyne's blog as his disappearance from the 'Net continues into its third week. Writes Tim:
I'm actually quite appalled at Andrew right now. No, he doesn't owe his faithful readers anything... except basic respect. A simple post of a sentence of two explaining the status of the blog would suffice. I mean, here is a guy who repeatedly droned on about new fonts, changes in layout etc. but now can't be bothered to tell us anything.

I'm pissed mainly because Andrew is a great writer and a welcome counterbalance to the crap I normally have to read in the Canadian media. The latest Antonia Zerbisias flap has me jonesing for a Coyne smackdown. At least we still have Steyn.

PS I live in the US. Is Andrew still writing in any Canadian newspapers or is he rotting in a ditch somewhere? Maybe Copps busted a cap in his ass?
Maybe I should abandon this blog for a couple of weeks to see if you folk really love me or not. All dozen or so of you.

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