Monday, May 10, 2004

Van Helsing, Van Crappy.

So, last night, a couple of friends and I went to see the 10:20 pm showing of Van Helsing. It was bad, as I'm sure you had an inkling it might be.

Anyway, a twelve-year-old kid chastised my friend S. for laughing at the movie. "You're ruining the movie for everyone!" he yelled at her about an hour in.

The movie only got worse from that point, however. And, until it got tedious, it was kind of bad good, i.e. laugh-at-able. It was hard not to snicker when Frankenstein's monster, inexplicably encased in a cube of ice, said to Van Helsing, "Go. Save yourself!"

This, however, was too much for the earnest twelve-year-old. "You're such a bitch!" he yelled at S. His father, sitting next to him, did not intervene.

Several questions arise:

1) Shouldn't screenings of horror/action/monster movies after 10 pm be designated for ironic and/or drunk and/or stoned viewing only?

2) Should multiplexes have separate sections for ironic and non-ironic viewing?

3) What is wrong with kids these days?


Bonus Question: Why, oh why did Van Helsing pull in US $54.2 million this weekend?

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