Friday, May 28, 2004

Why am I so obsessed with moustaches?

I'm really not sure. It's not just politicians' moustaches either. Tell me if I went a little too far with it in this introduction to my interview with Super Size Me's Morgan Spurlock:
Morgan Spurlock, the director and star of the documentary Super Size Me, isn't sure his moustache is really working for him.
"Do I look trustworthy?" he asks on a recent stop in Toronto. "Or do I look like that guy who used to kidnap the girl and tie her to the railroad tracks?"
It depends on who you ask.
In Super Size Me, Spurlock brings his moustache with him on a journey to the clogged-artery heart of the U.S. obesity epidemic. For a month, he hardly exercises and eats all of his meals at McDonald's, emulating what he calls "the typical American lifestyle." By the end of his experiment, he has gained 25 pounds, his liver has nearly turned to fat, and his girlfriend is complaining that her Big Mac daddy just can't flip her burgers the way he used to.
At the Sundance Film Festival, where the film premiered last January, Spurlock's moustachioed mug walked away with the award for best documentary director.
To the viewers who have enthusiastically greeted Super Size Me on its trek across the North American festival circuit, Spurlock's red moustache has signalled that he is one of them -- a common man standing up to the big, bad food corporations that are fattening up Middle America.
To the fast-food executives of the nation, however, Spurlock's moustache has seemed decidedly Snidely Whiplashesque.
To them, Super Size Me is a huge locomotive of bad publicity barrelling down the tracks toward them...
Yikes! Maybe it's just because I wish I could grow facial hair?

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