Thursday, June 03, 2004

Campaign Diary, Day 12.82: How the tables have turned...

Well, well. One day Maclean's bloggojournalist Paul Wells writes the news; the next day he is the news:
So Wells was surprised to be tagged as a Martin "kiss ass" by a protester in Hamilton. The protester had accosted Wells, who was wearing a Team Martin tag like every other reporter on the Liberal tour, to complain that Martin wouldn't stop to hear his beef about Grit corruption.
Protester: "He wouldn't answer my question."
Wells: "First of all, I'm a reporter, and secondly, I've been asking him questions for four years and I haven't had a lot of luck for four years, so bugger off."
To which the protester replied: You're a kiss ass."
"I'm not sure the prime minister would agree," Wells responded.
With due respect to hard-working scribes at the Saskatoon StarPhoenix, I'm not that anyone who reads their newspaper who isn't a journalist is remotely interested in this. In other words: Keep it up!

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