Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Campaign Diary, Day 18: What is the sound of one party flushing?

I'm hearing more and more rumours of a Conservative minority. Is't possible?

Exhibit A: Liberal Senator Anne Cools defected to the Conservatives today.

This ain't any old senator. This is Cools, the first black woman to be appointed to the Upper Chamber. The optics of this are particularly good for the Conservatives right now, given that Liberals are trying to paint them as radical social conservatives (ie. sexist, racist, homophobic).

Stephen Harper is not Stockwell Day. This is not the year 2000. You're going to have to try something else, folks.

Exhibit B: A Liberal riding association (Brampton-Springdale) has decided to throw its support behind the New Democratic Party's candidate.

The riding association isn't rebelling because of Martin's policies. They're rebelling because Martin overruled the nomination vote which selected Andrew Kania as the candidate for the riding. Says Kania: "I was initially told by Karl Litler -- who is currently the Ontario campaign chair -- that I would not be allowed to win in this riding because I was John Manley's Ontario co-chair during the [Liberal] leadership campaign." Smooth move, Litler...

The candidate Kania was replaced with is Ruby Dhalla, a former Bollywood actress who is now a chiropractor in Brampton. Here's a good article on the ins and outs of the nomination battle from The Weekly Voice, Canada's leading Indo Canadian Weekly Newspaper.

Conclusion: Team Paul Martin (the party formerly known as the Liberals) is battling clowns to the left of him, jokers to the right, but his biggest enemy is his own hubris. Politician, heal thyself.


And now, because I've finally figured out how to put pictures on my blog, a photo of Paul Martin and Dhalla: Bollywood, Pauliewood.

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