Thursday, June 10, 2004

Campaign Diary, Day 18.9: What ifs.

Okay, so I seem to be having this conversation over and over with my friends about what exactly a minority government is. You have to remember that those of us who were born after 1980 have never lived through one.

Paul Wells -- in his Macleans column, not on his blog -- explains exactly what it's all about. He also puts forth a tantalizing situation wherein Harper's Conservatives are just a few seats shy of a majority:
[H]e need only peel enough MPs away from other parties to reach 155. That's what happened in Saskatchewan in 1999, when part of the tiny Liberal caucus joined the New Democrat government. It's messy, but it requires only that an aspiring prime minister identify which opposing MPs would put a ministerial limousine above their party loyalty.

So the question for Harper might be: who are the 10 most opportunistic Liberals? The mind reels. I'll let you draw your own list. You can be sure Harper is.
Ooh! Sounds fun. Which Liberals do you think would defect to the Conservatives in this situation?

Well, there's pro-lifers like Tom Wappel and Paul Steckle... Evangelical John McKay, the socially conservative Paul Szabo and Jim Karygiannis...

What about socially conservative Albina Guarnieri and Joe Volpe? Probably not, because Martin put them in Cabinet.

Oh I know one! A sure bet. He's a prominent Liberal who is wishy-washy, has a history of being disloyal to his party's leaders, dislikes the left wing of his party, has essentially the same views as Stephen Harper, and is opportunistic.

Dang. What's his name? It's on the tip of my tongue. He's got a bit of a paunch and two first names.

I'm sure I'll think of his name in a moment or two...

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