Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Campaign Diary, Day 33: Gosh! What excitement!

So, the news of the day is... Well, there doesn't seem to be much news of the day today.

Paul Martin did tell reporters, however, that he will "not clutch and grab to hold on to power" if the Conservatives win more seats than him.

Aw! How nice of him! And this after he decided not to shovel the sponsorship scandal under the carpet too! My estimation of Martin increases every day of this campaign....

My favourite part of that Reuters article, however, is this:
A poll published on Tuesday showed the Liberals six percentage points ahead, but an Environics poll on Wednesday had them tied at 33 percent each. "What a final five days it's going to be!" remarked a top Martin aide.
Who is this aide? Jiminy Cricket? Or, perhaps, Senator Jefferson Smith? Can we please quote him or her more often?

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