Sunday, June 27, 2004

Campaign Diary, Day 37: My Local Green Party Candidate is Wide Awake

In a previous post, I accused my local Green Party candidate of being a narcoleptic after watching him zonk his way through a debate on Rogers. Said candidate -- Mr. Mark Viitala -- has responded to my accusation in the comment section of that post:
hahahaha! that is sweet. on that show all the candidates were told to just answer the viewers questions...but you saw the arguing that what is a good green candidate to do? act like a 4 year old? i'd rather stop, drop and roll...thank you very much.
All the best,
Mark Viitala

Green Party of Canada Candidate, Trinity Spadina
Ontario Representative, Green Party of Canada Federal Council
Ladies and Gentlemen, I think I have finally come off the fence in this election. As Viitala is the first of my local candidates to post a comment on my blog, he has won my vote.

I will vote for him tomorrow, even though he refused to capitalize any words in his post. I will vote for him misspelled 'ensued.' I will vote for him, even though he wrote, "hahahaha! that is sweet."

Fair readers, this election I ask you to Go Green! You can read the party's platform here.

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