Monday, June 28, 2004

Campaign Diary, Last Day: Slip it in.

This morning, I went to the local polling station, marked an X on my ballot, folded it in three and -- under the watchful eyes of two clerks and a scrutineer -- slid it right into the tight slot of the ballot box.

Look: You can be cynical and hate politics and think all the candidates are crooks and think our electoral system is a bunch of garbage. You can think all of these things and still vote.

Just do it. It's a rush. It makes you feel good, like when you pick a piece of garbage off the street or say hello to a stranger in the park or any other number of moments when you connect with your offline community.

I held the long, thin ballot by its very end and pushed it deep into that box until my fingers hit cardboard. Then I let go and it made a satisfying, soft clunk like a watch dropping to the floor off the side of your bed.

I made sweet love to my country today and it felt good.


Paul Wells may be right when he says the first rule of Canadian elections is "Canadian politics tends toward the least exciting possible outcome." But this is the first election that I have been cognizant of in which the outcome was really so up in the air on voting day. And, even though the stakes aren't particularly high this time around, I find it genuinely exciting.

And now, to further reinforce the impression that I'm a big ol' political geek, here is my seat projection, based on hubris and conjecture.

Tories: 115
Liberals: 109
Bloc: 57
NDP: 25
Greens: 1
Independent: 1

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