Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Election Diary, Day 11: Scared nuts!

Listen up, Liberals. I want to hear what every party has to say in this election, okay? And then I want to hear your party's informed response.

Calling Jack Layton "nuts"? Sorry, that makes you look bad.

Calling Stephen Harper "scary"? Not impressive, either.

These Liberal ambushes -- sending Dennis Mills to disrupt a Layton event on Sunday; sending Judy Sgro and John McCallum out to disrupt Harper events yesterday -- are the worst, though. As Pogge says, "Why don't we just cancel the leaders' debate and have a steel cage match instead?"

And as Paul Wells puts it, "Folks: keep pulling stunts like this and you won't have any cabinet jobs to hand out after June 28... Oh yeah. Paul Martin had some events today. But you know what? You pull idiotic stunts like this, and Paul Martin gets blown off the top of the news by his hired clowns."

Come on. Debate the ideas. Don't resort to name-calling and this ridiculous ambushing.

Sigh. No wonder people don't vote.


I watched the candidates for the Trinity-Spadina riding -- that's my riding -- debate on television tonight. Basically, they all behaved like a bunch of buffoons, especially Tony Ianno and Olivia Chow, who kept nattering at each other and over each other, fighting old battles. Meanwhile, Mark Viitala, the Green Party candidate, seemed to be asleep throughout the show. Conservative candidate David Watters was the most articulate and most likeable of the bunch to tell you the truth, though that's not saying much considering his competition.

Sigh. No wonder people don't vote. Can I abstain?

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