Monday, June 28, 2004

Election night

For election updates this evening, I leave you in Colby Cosh's hands.

Cosh did not sleep last night. He says it's because it was too hot, but I suspect the Coshster was tossing and turning, giddy with excitement at the prospects of a Conservative victory. So far, the zzz's deficiency has caused him grossly overestimate how many seats Harper will win, make fun of a cab driver's accent, and reveal that he has a fondness for Arby's. I expect the Bloggin' Good Time will only get better as the hour gets later. Have fun.

Tonight, by the way, is the Dora Awards gala at the Princess of Wales. I have the results and am BURSTING to tell you everything, but cannot. So I'm going to run now, before I let it all out. There's one particular surprise that I will write about tomorrow. It's scandalous! (Well... almost scandalous.)

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