Friday, June 04, 2004

Theatre Friday: Happy Fringing!

With the opening of the Hamilton Fringe today, Fringing season officially opens in Canada.

As with last year, look to this space for news and reviews and gossip-fueled-by-booze from the Montreal Fringe (June 10-20) and the Toronto Fringe (June 30 - July 11).

Happy Fringing!


You'll also, no doubt, find information about the Montreal Infringement Festival here, because, well, I can't stop those globophobic pests from posting in the comments section below. (I mean "pests" quasi-affectionately. I've grown to accustomed reading comments like: "Speaking of the election, Car Stories dropped the writ on finding a new artistic facilitator yesterday. Check out this article written by one of my many alter-egos at OptatifLaboratoriesUnderFireFromBushRumsfeld andMcFringeInc.html. Cheers, Donovan.")

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