Wednesday, July 28, 2004

A couple of thoughts of a morning…

Having been away for a while, it’s been hard to keep up with all the shenanigans going on in this crazy, mixed-up world we call home. Here are a couple things that have been bugging me of late, but on which my blog has been silent:

1) Theresa Heinz-Kerry told a reporter to “Shove it” and this is a story? Quoi? How is this interesting what-so-ever? Reporters are annoying. They deserve to be berated by public figures, as far as I’m concerned. You know when people say, “No Comment”? Yeah, that means “Shove it.” And “Shove it,” of course, is a more polite way of saying “Go fuck yourself,” something that an actual elected official by the name of Dick Cheney had no qualms about saying to US Senator Patrick Leahy the other day… (And that’s another non-story, in my estimation. What, were children around? Did Dick grab his crotch when he said it?)

So, puh-leeze. Shove it? Whatevs. That’s only slightly more vulgar than Fiddlesticks, or Jeepers or Fuddleduddle (often misheard)...

I'm convinced that this kind of 'gotcha' journalism is part of why normal people and their significant others (ie. those who pepper their speech with the occasional 'Shove it!') are scared away from politics these days... Come on. Shove it, people.

2) So, Fahrenheit 9/11 has grossed over $100 million dollars (said with a Dr. Evil inflection) in the U.S.? That’s I-N-Credible! Holy Shit! (Damn, there go my chances of becoming a political wife.)

My views on F9/11? A brilliant polemic and masterful film, but more than a little dishonest. Todd Gitlin's got a good piece criticizing it from the left here:
He’s an entertainer (when it suits him) whose brush is so broad, at times, as to coat all evidence and logic with bursts of sensational color. His chief method is the insinuating juxtaposition. Presto, proof by association. Fahrenheit 9/11, his election year release, is like a beer commercial. When you see the gorgeous women drinking the beer, the subterranean layer of your cortex is supposed to think: if I drink, I get.
So, why am I overjoyed about the news of Moore's big box office? Why, because it is a little dose of pure awesome!

F9/11 is the well from which real debate has been wheeled up in buckets. Serious debate about issues! A film about a President and his policies has become the jumping off point for thousands of articles and millions of discussions… How marvellous!

People who DISAGREE with Moore, going to his film and then dissecting his arguments in public! People who AGREE with him doing the same! People like me who can’t make their mind up about anything going and then writing about it on their geeky little blogs!

Does no one else think that it is amazing that a political documentary, the film equivalent of a long opinion piece in Harper’s or Reason, has brought in almost as much money as Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban has? Again: marvellous!

Faith in humanity: restored! Pundits: rejoice!

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