Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Good news, kids!

Canadian national treasure and squat, balding Jason Alexander look-alike David Frum won't, in fact, be spending his summer reading FHM and Maxim in a deck chair on Hilton Head. Instead, the little man will be taking a stab at the difficult art of the film review.

And watch out, Anthony Lane!, because his first effort is not to be trifled with. Writing in a recent post to his blog (located, where else?, on the web site of the howlingly ignorant National Review), the cheap Canadian careerist ventures the unusual, though admittedly compelling, suggestion that the latest Spider-Man entertainment is no less than 'the great pro-Bush movie of the summer.'

'Consider this,' the one-time George Costanza of the West Wing speculates. 'Spiderman 2 is the story of a hero who is regularly belittled and ridiculed by almost everyone who knows him.' Further indisputable proof of the film's love for B43 is the fact that 'Spiderman nearly dies saving a bank from Doctor Octopus.'

Blammo! The way it all comes together so easily just makes a mockery of other reviewers' waffly attempts to situate the film. Especially when you consider Hollywood's undeniably strong pro-Bush bias and the number of times the President has actually nearly died in the course of saving a bank. Kudos, Mr. F.

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