Wednesday, July 07, 2004

How much is a Pizza?

Optimus Crime makes a good point re: Dan McTeague's $224.09 pizza party. It's such a good point that I've pulled it out of the comments section and hereby post it as a bonafide post:
Bear in mind this is in london, right? $225 Cdn = 91 quid. That's roughly thirty apiece, including the tip.

For comparison's sake, I went to the Pizza Hut UK site.

Cheese garlic bread - 2.49
Caesar Salad - 5.99
Individual pan pizza 5.99
Dessert (cake) 2.99
Drink (soft drink) 2.79
Total p.p.: 19.05

VAT is already included in food, I think, so adding a 15% tip, you'd come to just over 21 pounds per person for a very large but basically fast-food meal with no booze. I would imagine that entertaining another country's muck-a-mucks legitimately calls for something a touch fancier than a Pizza Hut. So, expensive? Sure, but living in London is expensive. I doubt it was all that extravagant a meal.


Diplomatic Apologist
Whew... Good. Glad that's resolved. Now McTeague can get back to doing non-controversial things like asking the Prime Minister to use the notwithstanding clause to override the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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