Thursday, July 08, 2004

Schoooooool's out. For. Summah.

Wait a second... I don't go to school anymore.

Yes, since leaving university, summer just hasn't been as much fun. All this "working" and "writing" and "paying bills" really puts a damper on Bacchanalian revelry.

And yet, for the first time ever, I am about to experience the joys of paid vacation. Yes, starting Saturday I will be in British Columbia for two weeks, tripping hither and thither, but still be getting paid all the while. Ridiculous! But marvelous!

My vacation is going to be a rather ad hoc experience, so if you have any advice on what to do while in B.C. (or have a comfortable couch), please leave comments below or drop me an e-mail at uncascrooge --at--

But do it before Friday night. Why? Because my vacation has two rules and two rules only:

1) I must read three books while I am out West, one of which must be in French;
2) I am not allowed to touch a computer from the morning of the 10th to the morning of the 24th.

That's right. For two weeks, I am going to live a pre-Internet existence. I am disconnecting. I am dropping out, tuning out and whatever that last thing is.

And I am scared. It will be difficult. But I am up to the challenge.

But wait! Don't leave yet! There will be at least special guest blogger taking over while I am away. More on that tomorrow.

For the time being, riddle me this: What does one do in Vancouver other than eat granola, smoke pot and exercise fanatically? Cuz I don't really dig any of those things.

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