Monday, July 19, 2004

Word has reached my little ears that the Neo-Con elite have taken umbrage with something I wrote in this here space, but my source was unwilling or unable to fill me in as to what exactly so galled the apparent legions of Straussians who stop by this diminutive 'blog' on their way to perusing the on-line edition of the Moonie-rag Washington Times.
Deduction dictates, however, that since my thoughts on the UNDP rankings barely touched on Israel, since Jeopardy barely registers with Neo-Cons (who despise facts), and since no-one's going to see my disregard for Samuel Pepys as a veiled criticism of Richard Perle, the hackle-raising had something to do with certain aspersions cast on the person of one David Frum.
Scanning below, you'll note that I took it upon myself to make sport of the venerable son-of-Barbara's own lighthearted take on Spider-man. And I really must apologise to the injured Right. Because, early on in the post, I ventured to warn New Yorker film critic Anthony Lane about Frum's up-and-coming talents as a reviewer (viz. watch out, Anthony Lane!). In so doing, I clearly misrepresented the portly pundit's critical style. I am hereby correcting my earlier apostrophic caveat to: watch out, David Denby!
I trust that, by so doing, I am mending a few fences with my chums over at Hollinger and at the P for the NAC.
Tomorrow: Tuesday Schadenfreude!

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