Thursday, July 22, 2004

Thursday Schadenfreude!

In a June interview with a Montréal daily, Stephen Harper was reportedly asked which book a visitor to Stornoway would be most likely to find on his bed-side table. Harper’s answer was, and we quote: “any book.”

A suitably obfuscatory answer; the kind my grandfather would have labelled: ‘bafflegabbery.’ And certainly no less truthful than the PM’s answer to the same question, which consisted of his pulling the name of a random and impressive-sounding theologian out of the air. And don’t try to tell us that Jack Layton reads Jane Jacobs in bed; we all know the good professor’s probably eating graham crackers and getting crumbs in his moustache while squinting at a pulp paperback he bought at Dorval.

But just imagine, if you will, that Harper had been a little less imprecise. If the leader of HM’s Loyal Opposition had, at the moment the question was posed, temporarily removed his political mask in order to let his pores breathe; had dropped the act and dropped his guard. And imagine if he’d just let fly with the truth about what volume sat there that very minute next to his clock-radio. Imagine, if you will, that Stephen Harper had told the whole country that the book on his bed-side table was Tim Allen’s Don’t Stand Too Close To A Naked Man.

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