Thursday, August 05, 2004

Another Summer Theatre Festival

This time it's Summerworks, which begins today and runs until August 15. Originally started for overflow shows from the Fringe, it is now a juried festival of 46 shows presented at Factory Theatre and Passe-Muraille.

I've never attended before, but I'm going to try to catch a few shows this time around, including:

- Descent, written/directed by Ed Gass-Donnelly, Toronto theatre wunderkind/son of Factory A-D Ken Gass. I want to see if this fellah is all he's cracked up to be or what.

- The Memory of Bombs, by bluemouth inc. Bluemouth's last production was --- sorry. Hold on. I must rant for a moment.
Goddamnit, artists! Just capitalize words, okay? I understand you want to subvert the tyranny of grammar or some other such nonsense, but it drives me bonkers. It looks stupid. Don't get me wrong: e.e. cummings was a fine man. But you're not e.e. cummings. You are not friggin' e.e. cummings! Fuck.
What was I saying? Yes. bluemouth inc's last production something about a river (had to italicize the damn thing, so you'd know it was a title) was much-lauded at the Dora Awards. So I figure I should check this one out... Plus: The Memory of Bombs. That's a great title, I think.

- Lullaby, by Thelon Oeming. Actor William Webster is in this one. I really liked Webster in Soulpepper's Nathan the Wise, so I'd like to see what this is all about...

Okay. Yeah. That's about all I know I want to see. Any other recommendations?

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