Thursday, August 12, 2004

Aserejé, ja de je de jebe tu de jebere sebiunouva majavi an a bugui an a buididipí

In the course of daily events, I am often asked, Are bloggers journalists?

Good question. The key is to think of bloggers as rectangles and journalists as squares. (The latter shouldn't be too difficult.) Some bloggers are journalists -- professional or otherwise -- but not every blogger is necessarily a journalist.

"But wait," you say. "If I'm to follow your geometric metaphor to its logical conclusion, doesn't that mean that all journalists are bloggers?"


Shut up, you.

Anyway, the point of this ridiculous preamble is to say that sometimes real, important, eye-opening journalism appears on blogs. And this week Optimus Crime -- one of my favourite blogs -- has done some serious investigative journalism, discovering exactly what it is that makes certain ketchups "fancy."

Viva la revolutione informatione!

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