Wednesday, August 25, 2004


The Toronto International Film Festival may begin on September 9, but for those of us covering it the work began on Monday when the preview screenings kicked off downtown at a secret undisclosed location in the National Film Board building on John.

As the zeitgeist dictates, the TIFF has a blog on its website. It's being kept by director Rob Stefaniuk, whose film Phil the Alien is screening at the festival. Called (a bit redundantly) Filmmaker's Blog: Director's Dish, it is an excellent journal actually, full of insight into the various firey hoops a filmmaker must jump through during a film's post-production process and the festival circuit.

What am I looking forward to at the TIFF? The Real to Reel documentary programme, Sean Penn's movie The Assassination of Richard Nixon, and the presence of the lovely Jennifer Jason Leigh, who is in Don McKellar's new movie Childstar and Todd Solondz's new flick Palindromes. (But who won my heart back in 1994 in my favourite Coen Brothers movie.)


Yes, I know Montreal's Festival des Films du Monde opens tomorrow! But, not being there, I just can't get excited about it. Sorry.

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