Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Theatre Thocker! Something actually shocks playwright Mark Ravenhill

No joke. Ravenhill, the mad genius behind the in-yer-face classic Shopping and Fucking, has "expressed his shock" at an Edinburgh Fringe show called Sex Addict by Tim Fountain. The Guardian reports:
In his act, Sex Addict, [Fountain] trawls Gaydar, the gay internet site, in front of a live audience, looking for a man with whom to have sex. The audience votes who he should pick. He then cycles off to whichever part of Edinburgh he has been summoned, has sex, and then reports back on the experience to the following night's audience.

In Friday night's preview, he claimed already to have slept with a man from the planning department of Edinburgh city council, a man from the soft furnishings department of Jenners with a dungeon, and was sent off by that night's audience to seek out a songwriter who wanted sex before his taxi-driver boyfriend came off-shift at 6am.

"It didn't take long," Fountain said the following day. "I was back in the bar 45 minutes later." Fountain claims to have had sex with 5,000 men and one woman.
At least that's what the show was about until Monday when Gaydar suspended his account.

But the curtain has not yet dropped on this little bit of rear-end avant-garde. Now, according to the Independent, "there are now so many gaydar-registered men coming to the show, he is simply going to ask them to bring print-outs of their details and go from there." Quoth Fountain: "I think it's the first show where members of the audience are shown naked pictures of other members of the audience."

You know how they say, if you get nervous on stage to picture the audience in their underwear? Bye-bye, stage fright.

Sigh. Oh, the Internet. Will you ever change?


Ooh... There's a new play by Marie Jones at the Edinburgh Fringe, too. "Will you shut up about Irish playwrights, already?" Okay, okay...

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