Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Mayor Bloomberg to Poor: Shut up and watch The Simple Life...

This just in from today's New York Daily News:
Mayor Bloomberg had little sympathy yesterday for New Yorkers who find the new $20 admission to the Museum of Modern Art a bit steep.

"Some things people can afford, some things people can't," said Bloomberg, whose estimated personal fortune is $4.9 billion.
Dear Mayor Bloomberg: You are an ass.

The News article continues:
"MoMA is a private institution. It's not a city institution. And they have a right to set their own pricing policies."

Over the past five years, the city funneled $65 million in taxpayer money to help fund MoMA's expansion.
Zing! The Daily News's headline, by the by, is pure genius: "Mike: If tix too pricey, stay HoMA ."

The MoMA's price hike from $12 to $20? Debatable. Bloomberg's comment: Despicable. Access to great art should be a basic human right... I'm willing to trade in "freedom of peaceful assembly" or "shelter" or something.

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