Thursday, September 23, 2004

My buddy, my buddy... My buddy and me.

Oh, the New York Observer... What a truly fine weekly newspaper, always full of insightful articles like Farewell, My Fuck Buddy.

Absurdly well-researched for what essentially amounts to a fluff piece, this article tackles the pressing question: What exactly is the difference between a Fuck Buddy and a Friend With Benefits, anyway?

Alas, the article also falls into a common trap: Mocking guys who turn down casual sexual encounters. It's my observation -- and I think most other youngsters will confirm this -- that young women are equally, if not more sexually aggressive than young men these days. But while it's acceptable for a woman to decide to keep it in her pants, it is still a big old joke when a guy wants to cuddle or turns down a one-night stand.

Will we ever get past this? Different people have different sexual appetites and desires -- and this has little or nothing to do with gender.

Of course, Noelle Hancock's article makes up for its shortcomings with its concluding quote: "Friends with benefits’ is a great idea, but so was communism."

Indeed. The best plans to get laid of mice and men gang aft agley...

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