Thursday, September 16, 2004

TIFF: Cat Killing Mania!

I hate defending this Casuistry: The Art of Killing a Cat documentary all the time, because I keep hearing that it's a pretty thin pic. Still, it must be done. Folks: Making a documentary about a bad thing is not the same as doing a bad thing. Also, the film does not show the tape of Kensington the Cat's torture and death. Calmez-vous.

Anyway, animal rights activists -- outraged that anyone would make a doc where some interviewees defend cat-killer Jesse Powers -- were out yesterday to protest the screening of Casuistry. When Powers, the Feline Felon himself, appeared, all heck broke loose. According to the Star, Powers told a protestor: "I felt sort of bad about it after, but I haven't had a chance to (feel guilty), because everything sort of barraged on top of me... When was there time to feel guilty? In the end, I got to bring the wrath upon myself."

Sigh. Okay, so I don't feel so bad that the whole thing ended up with Powers being arrested for breaching the peace... What an idiot.

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